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"The SEAT" is an innovative, comfortable, ergonomic seat that makes bicycle riding a pleasure, not a pain for both MEN and WOMEN.

"The SEAT" does not have a pain inducing saddle horn, which is present on conventional bicycle seats. The sitting area is wider, allowing you to sit on your body's built in supportive "sit bones".

Riding on traditional saddle style bicycle seats puts pressure on delicate nerves and blood vessels, cutting off circulation and in some cases, leading to sexual dysfunction, such as impotence.

"The SEAT" is physician approved and is your best choice for a comfortable and healthy bike ridel.

"... as long as a saddle has a nose -
the case with most new designs - it isn't safe." 

-Dr. Irwin Goldstein
Chief Urologist at Boston Medical University
Business Week, May 10, 1999

Crushed nuts on your sundae?

AUD $139.00
(P&H inc for orders in Australia.
You can purchase multiple quantities at checkout.)

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